Plastic Material

Ultra-fine Ground Calcium Carbonate

Heavy Calcium Carbonate (Ground Calcium Carbonate, GCC) Heavy CaCO3 Raw Materials

Natural big Whitehead

Manufactured Process Summary

The natural dolomite is mechanically crushed to manufacture calcium carbonate of different fineness. This category of calcium carbonate is called heavy calcium carbonate or ground calcium carbonate, whose quality is determined by the quality and fineness of the natural dolomite.

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Product characteristics
  • The price is cheaper.
  • Good fluidity.
  • The product has various types; hence, users could choose the type according to the applicable fineness, surface area, bulk density, and whiteness.
  • Apply to rubber and plastic industries: Calcium carbonate plays the role of contamination-free filler in the material. It is extensively used in tires, tapes, rubber tubes, oil seal, and component parts of the rubber. It is often used in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), ABS, nylon, etc. products in the plastic industry. Not is only calcium carbonate used alone as a reinforced filler, but also it can be used together with other fillers , such as carbon black, white carbon black, clay, or titanium dioxide powder, to achieve reinforcing, filling, coloring, improving working and product performance, reducing latex content or replacing partial high-priced white fillers.
  • Apply to paints: synthetic resin paints, glazes, oil-based paints, latex paints, primer paints.
  • Apply to agriculture and animal husbandry: soil modification, cropper protective agent, the additives of fertilizer or fodder, etc.
  • Apply to medicine or health-care food: calcium tablets, calcium-supplemental agents, capsules, tablets, the calcareous source of the food, etc.
  • Apply to articles for daily use:tooth paste, tooth powder, environment-friendly (garbage) bags, etc.